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Shayne Schroader Custom Homes

Shayne Schroader Custom Homes, LLC

-Heather Levin Most people don’t get into the building industry when they’re kids, not really. They may have fathers and grandfathers who are builders, and they may spend a fair amount of time at jobsites during the summertime, but for the most part they’re out skipping rocks, building forts, and playing with their friends. Shayne Schroader, however, isn’t like most people. He landed his first contract before he was old enough to even have Learner’s Permit. He was hired to custom-make the cabinets and bookshelves for the library in his hometown, a big job for anyone, much less a kid. Shayne was always known for his woodworking skills. His father, grandfather, and uncle were all in the industry and Shayne grew up working with his hands and building furniture. He spent all summer outfitting the library with his custom cabinets, and when he was done he was handed a check for $10,000. He was 14 years old. With such an illustrious beginning it should come as no surprise that Shayne went on to get his degree in Industrial Technology from Southwest Texas University. He spent quite a few years after college working as an Engineer, but he’d always dreamt of being a custom homebuilder with his own business. In 2002 he decided he was done waiting. He made the leap and started Shayne Schroader Custom Homes, LLC. Serendipitously, he landed his first contract immediately. It was a very unique Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home and Shayne had the time of his life building it. After that first one, he knew he was hooked. “I just loved seeing it all come together,” Shayne remembers. “You definitely have to be a problem-solver to build homes, and I love that challenge.” He landed his next contract immediately after that and the rest, as they say, is history. Shayne has set himself apart from the beginning with his building style and commitment to quality. His goal is to create homes that are unique and are filled with plenty of details and character that you just don’t see very often. He doesn’t, on the other hand, fall into the trap of building just what he thinks is best. His clients’ vision always comes first. “I truly let my clients dictate what they want,” Shayne says. “Building a custom home is a dream come true for many people and I certainly want to let their creativity shine. I’ll coach them on things like energy efficiency and we’ll brainstorm together on ideas, but I never forget that this is their home I’m building.” He’s always ready, however, to let his creativity fly when a homeowner needs his input. Shayne loves creating living spaces that stand out, and some of the details he’s put into homes in the past are truly inspiring. He loves using a lot of natural woods, and once used several thousand feet of Cyprus lumbar to create custom cabinets and baseboards for a homeowner. He’s also done things like adding a cooking fireplace in a kitchen, creating pressed tin ceilings patterned after a 1900’s farmhouse, creating custom mesquite doors, and installing hammered copper sinks. While Shayne and his crew will build in any style, anywhere, a lot of his work is built out in the country, on the working ranches outside Corpus Christi. It’s also obvious that, as a custom cabinetmaker himself, Shayne always makes sure that his woodworking is expertly and creatively done. “We use a lot of the same products that other builders use,” Shayne says. “We just use them differently. I love finding new products that no one else is using yet and trying them out.” Part of Shayne’s success has come from the amazing team he’s been able to put together. Many of his subcontractors have been working with him since the beginning, and they’re excellent in their fields. They all know what to expect from each other so the homebuilding process goes much smoother than it would otherwise. His subs also have great rapport with his clients, which adds to their positive experience working with Shayne. “They’re a great crew,” Shayne says. “I’m so picky about the quality of work that I expect, but we’re all very comfortable working together and things go pretty smoothly. I know that I can depend on them to do a great job, and they always do.” Since the beginning Shayne has always focused on building with energy efficiency in mind. He uses ICF in all his homes because of the strength it adds to the structure in addition to the energy benefits. He coaches all his homeowners on energy efficiency because it’s better for the environment as well as adding quality to the home. “The homes I put up will last a lifetime,” Shayne says. “I like to tell my homeowners that 10 years down the road, when their neighbors are replacing rotten boards and other broken down parts of their home, you’ll be sitting on your back porch watching. You won’t have to do that because the products we use are all top-notch. We don’t ever cut corners.” Shayne’s very proud of how far he’s come since he started his company. There’s nothing quite like working for yourself in a field that you’ve always dreamed of being a part of. He still has the same love of working with his hands that he had when he was 14, only now he gets to do it in a much larger scale. “It’s still exciting to me,” Shayne says, smiling. “I love seeing everything come together, from the initial idea and drawings on up to the finished home. I love creating something that is unique and challenging.” The Builder’s Journal is proud to feature Shayne Schroader of Shayne Schroader Custom Homes, LLC. If you would like to get in touch with Shayne, he can be reached at [omitted for privacy].